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If you are looking for a the best web design company in the area of Gauteng, We can definitely assist you with all your web development requirements in Gauteng, that understand what certain search engines like Google and Bing prefer in terms of website development and content layout structures to achieve the best result regarding web development in Gauteng, and your business.

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We offer Great quality web design and web development solutions in Gauteng. A web strategy is a vital element of the marketing mix of any kind of business – big and small or even medium. If you don’t have one, chances are you will need one soon in this era. If you do already have one, is it delivering or are you losing ground to proficient competitors?

For best results from your website’s content and how it is formatted and structured needs careful planning and consideration in this world today. Online Innovations can assist you with keyword research and advise you in what you should put your time and effort in.

We offer a variety of website types from standard one page websites to powerful CMS websites (content management system) where you are in the driving seat and can manage the content yourself or let us help you grow your business. We also offer various solutions for ecommerce websites which include simple Buy Now buttons to help the flow and management of your business big or small.


We believe that it is vital that your presence on the internet is engaging, informative and most important, profitable and making your business grow. The right layout, functionality and content are crucial to this also very crucial for rankings, and many businesses fall short with badly designed websites or implemented. We make sure that you get the perfect design to best reflect your image online and through out.

To get the results you strive for, we value your input throughout the whole design process and thereafter as well. Once you are entirely happy with the website designed, we will submit your website to all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) and launch it on the Internet for you so you and your customers will be able to view it.

Again this is what we do:

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We are a reliable website design company based in Gauteng, Website designer Gauteng, web designer Gauteng, will offer you functional solutions for your business and growth.

For a custom website design Gauteng or development from a professional web designer in your area. Contact Pause Online today at 082 828 2306.

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